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“Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around us in awareness.” – James Thurber

This site is dedicated to providing links to current global news developments, investigations and articles that are not commonly found in the main stream media.

All truth goes through three stages:

First it is ridiculed, then it is violently opposed and finally it is excepted as self-evident.


Silencing The Critics

Paul Craig Robert – February 20, 2012

In 2010 the FBI invaded the homes of peace activists in several states and seized personal possessions in what the FBI–the lead orchestrator of fake “terrorist plots”–called an investigation of “activities concerning the material support of terrorism.” Read Full Story

The top 10 most censored Natural News stories of 2011

By Mike Adams on December 27, 2011

Ah, 2011 was a wonderful year for censored news, wasn’t it? We learned a lot this year about the FDA, the CDC, evil corporations and fruit cereal that contain no fruit. The problem is, the mainstream media never bothered to report any of it. Or if they did touch the stories, they distorted them to fit their own corporate agendas.

Here are the top ten most censored Natural News stories we covered this year: Full Story

Public trust in mainstream media remains near all-time low, says new Gallup poll

Creeping up just slightly over last year’s figures, the percentage of Americans who say they have a “great deal” or “fair amount” of trust in the mainstream media to report full, accurate, and balanced news is now teetering around 44 percent, according to a recent Gallup poll. Full Story